Gimme Sugar

Five hot young friends on the L.A. lesbian club scene bite off more than they can chew when they try to launch and promote their own club night. If they succeed, they'll be the youngest female promoters in LA. The girls will fight, fall in love, break apart, and come back together as they struggle to make their dream come true in this hot new reality series.


Alongside the series, Logo published 72 bonus clips which covered a variety of lifestyle topics including: fashion, cooking, dancing, and exercise.

In creating the show, the producers wanted to have a diverse cast although they viewed the show as entertainment and not a groundbreaking exploration of lesbian and gay culture. The producers hoped that through watching the show for entertainment purposes it would allow people to be more accepting of LGBTQ+ individuals. One of the show's writers, Michaline Babich, was named one of 10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz by the advocacy group POWER UP in 2008. 



  • Charlene Borja (club promoter)

  • Robin Koethcke, (casting associate)

  • Bathilda Hsu

  • Davonee Sou

  • Alex Thomopoulos (the only bisexual woman of the five)